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Top Famous Haunted Houses in America

Top Famous Haunted Houses in America
The days are growing shorter and the nights are growing cooler. Spooky season is almost here!
As the leaves change and the holiday season creeps ever nearer, people are flocking to visit haunted houses all over the country. But what is even scarier than a haunted house? How about a real haunted house.
Here are the top famous haunted houses in America:

Graceland Mansion – Memphis, Tennessee

This mansion is most famous for housing The King—Mr. Elvis Presley. His home was known for honoring the blues and his lifestyle—and being completely haunted.
Many tourists have felt a ghostly presence as they walk through Elvis’ beloved home. Many believe it to be the ghost of Elvis himself.

The White House – Washington, D.C.

Not only does the current president reside in the White House—but witnesses say the ghosts of prior presidents do as well. Many have been seen wandering the halls way past their term’s end. The president most commonly spotted is Abraham Lincoln.
Several other honorable mentions that have been seen include Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and Dolley Madison. There is much more than political conversations floating through this house.

Lizzie Borden House – Fall River, Massachusetts

Who could forget the infamous Lizzie Borden, the ax murderer? The tale goes that Lizzie Borden allegedly slashed her parents with an ax as they slept. Many believe their spirits still haunt the home to this day.
The house is currently a bed and breakfast. Eggs, bacon and a side of murder, anyone?

Amityville Horror House – Amityville, New York

Although many have seen the movie, the eeriest part of the story is the fact that it is true. Located a mere 30 miles from NYC, the Amityville Horror house lies in wait for its next victim.
The mass murder of the DeFeo family occurred in 1974 where it was the scene of a gruesome sextuple homicide. Robert DeFeo brutally murdered his parents and siblings after allegedly hearing voices telling him to kill them. The next day? He casually went to work. The Lutz family soon after purchased the home and quickly vacated due to the activity inside—within only a few months.

Lemp Mansion – St. Lous, Missouri

The Lemp family were some of the most famous beer-brewers in early times, yet they were not without controversy. Rumor has it that the head of the family, William Lemp, had multiple affairs, and even had a child with one of the women. Many believe he locked this child in the attic.
Visitors share they feel a negative presence and that the boy’s spirit haunts the home. The tunnels built underneath the mansion were also used in MTV’s hit show Fear.

Lalaurie House – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has a deep-rooted connection to voodoo—therefore, is known to be one of the most haunted cities in America. The LaLaurie House belonged to Madame Delphine LaLaurie—who murdered and tortured her slaves.
Moaning and screams echo throughout the halls and the room where slaves were kept. Footsteps can still be heard as visitors feel suffocating negative energy that sends them straight for the door.

Winchester Mystery House – San Jose, California

The most haunted house in America is—the Winchester House. Sarah Winchester was the heiress to the Winchester Rifle Company fortune. She was convinced the home of 160 rooms was haunted by people who died by a Winchester rifle.
To keep the spirits happy, Sarah continued endless reconstruction to the mansion until her death. The strange home boasts staircases and windows that lead to nowhere and rumor has it, you can still hear carpenters working on the house—even 90 years after Sarah’s death.
This Halloween, instead of paying to go into a make-believe haunted house, why don’t you go visit a real haunted house. But bring a flashlight—you may not be the only thing going bump in the night.

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