Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home in Mid-Century Style

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home in Mid-Century Style
Mid-century home décor styling ranks as one of the most popular decorating styles in the market today. This timeless design style incorporates both innovation and preserving the days of yesteryear.
Both elegant and inviting mid-century may never go out of style. With new additions and trending products every season, it is time for you to jump on board.
Here are the top easy ways to incorporate mid-century design into your home:

A Brief History

The mid-century movement began in 1933 and ended around 1965. The movement included:
  • Interior design
  • Graphic design
  • Architecture design
  • Industrial design
Harry Bertoia, Arne Jacobsen, Charles and Ray Eames, and more iconic designers drew attention to this newfound design style that hit the ground running.
The design elements include:
  • Strong connections to nature
  • Organic elements
  • Tons of glass
  • Simple forms
  • Democratic—or appealing to every person
  • Emphasis on function
The designs aimed at incorporating clean, airy designs matched with minimalism. Using vintage pieces is the number one way to enmesh the mid-century style. They honor previous design styles with newfound, innovative styles of modern-day life.
It’s All About the Lighting
Mid-century lighting is all about bringing in a modern statement piece. Funky, flared, and over-the-top, this style of lighting truly lights up a room.
The focal point draws attention to the room its housed in whilst providing a touch of a retro mood. Typically inspired by organic shapes, mid-century lighting is like none other.

Mix It Up

One of the top pro decorating tips for mid-century designs includes MIXING IT UP! Spice up your mid-century décor by blending both its token minimalist style with fun, bright colors.
For example, your sleek sofa can be spruced up with funky, colorful patterned throw pillows. Add in a deep, moody wall to make the colors and entire room pop.  Add touches of metallic to really make the room stand out.

Keep it Simple

A room that appears “too busy” loses the mid-century aesthetic. In order to maintain the minimalistic aspect of this design and décor style, simply keep it simple.
To achieve a clean and airy feel throughout your home, minimize your trinkets and knickknacks (yes, this can be difficult!). Select your favorite and place them close together on one end of the room whilst keeping the space between the next set vast and sprawling. For example, a console table can home a lamp with several horizontally-placed books next to it with a decorative bowl on top. Finish it off with a simple round mirror and you have a mid-century sleek, simple design!

Wooden Touches

The organic element in your rooms can be made of wood. Many people may fret when they discover their wooden coffee table is in fact made of wooden veneer—but do not be discouraged! As long as the item appears authentically wooden, you are safe.
Incorporate wooden furnishings such as chairs, exposed beams, furniture, and floors to capture the true mid-century style feel. This accent furniture ties the entire space together in true harmony.

Color Wheel

Mid-century is known for its minimalism; therefore, the color palette may feel limited. This, however, does not have to be the case! Pastel and muted colors work well with mid-century styles…but pops of olive and sage green and red still pay homage to the décor style.
Neutrals will never go out of style. Therefore, to bring in different themes and moods, add colorful elements such as upholstery and curtains. Do not be afraid to paint a contrast wall a rich, vibrant earth color!

Clean Lines

Clean lines are so important in this home décor style. Clean lines” refers to a visual aspect of uninterrupted straight lines and many, many right angles.
Clean lines establish a sense of cleanliness, tidiness, and organization—a must for your mid-century home! This sense of order is inviting and provides a calm theme throughout. Avoid the clutter to keep the ‘lines clean’ as you immerse yourself in your orderly home, away from the chaos.

Small Scale

Aim to have your home furnishing on the small-scale side of things. Gone are the days of oversized, massive furniture that clogs and congests rooms. Opt for small scale to achieve the mid-century style.
These small-scale designs are perfect for smaller spaces and create the illusion of a bigger space. Pair with floor-to-ceiling windows to achieve an airy, open look and feel.

Go the Texture Route

Adding elements of texture truly amp up the mid-century feel to any room. Mix and match different textures to achieve the aesthetic appeal of modern designs.
Try pairing a shag rug with a glass coffee table and rattan accent chairs. Angle the seating arrangement in a way that provides an airy feel yet cozy conversational space for you and your guests.

Key Takeaways

It is easy to attain the mid-century design style in your very own home. Place with neutrals with pops of colors and add multiple textures paired with funky, statement lighting in each room.
Keeping it simple with small-scale furniture, clean lines, and clutter-free makes your living area attractive and comfortable. Mid-century can be accomplished by simply combining retro, vintage, and modern pieces with one another.
Happy decorating!

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