Holiday Table Setting Tips

Holiday Table Setting Tips
The most wonderful time of year is upon us! That means—it is time to flex your holiday decorating muscles.
The last two years have been quite uncertain; however, the holidays are always a great way to reinstall some of that cheer that has been missing.
This year, many Americans look forward to sitting down with their families after many missed holidays due to the coronavirus pandemic. So it is time to step up your holiday decorating game and set your holiday table like the pros do.
Here is everything you need to know about how to style a modern holiday table setting:

How to Set the Table

First and foremost, it is imperative to set the table properly before any décor is planned. Proper table settings and dining etiquette date back to the 11th century. To set a table for a dinner, let’s start with the basics.
The dinner plate should be set right in the middle with the forks on the left and the knives and spoon on the right. The forks should increase in size going toward the plate in addition to the knives on the right. Place wine and water glasses on the right diagonal to the dinner plate. Next, place the dessert spoon and fork directly above the plate.
Your bread plate and accompanied butter knife should be set on the left diagonal of the dinner plate, Lastly, place the nicely-folded napkin neatly on the center of the plate. Ta-da!

Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse has taken the décor world by storm. Everywhere you look, farmhouse is present. The first rule of farmhouse décor is: a natural color palette and simplicity in nature. Yes, there is always room for a pop of color but the majority of the color theme should stay in neutral tones.
A modern farmhouse approach to table settings is to opt for off-whites, creams and natural textiles. A pop of color can be burnt orange, red or even green. Keeping the overall appearance organic is the best way to go!
The next step to creating a farmhouse style holiday table is to include:
  • Pine
  • Family heirlooms/old trinkets
  • Signage
  • Organic elements (leaves, bark, etc.)
  • Vintage accessories
Using different materials, such as galvanized metal, truly brings the farmhouse holiday theme to life. A great example of these accessories include:
  • Textured pumpkins
  • Mini Christmas trees/pine
  • Handmade wreaths
  • Twine
  • Metal holder in which to place smaller accessories
Don’t forget to pair the centerpiece with a natural table runner right down the middle and anything buffalo/plaid patterned!

Want to step it up a notch?

The new, NEW craze is glamorous farmhouse. This style incorporates the agricultural, farm theme with a touch of glam. This can include mirrored accessories such as crystal and mirror candlesticks, polished metals and layering different textures versus colors.
Farmhouse glam offers both the simplistic stylings of traditional farmhouse mixed with an elegant touch that displays a catered rustic feeling. A favorite to add to a farmhouse glam holiday table? A simple neutral holiday village with lights that run the length of the table.

Traditional Holiday Style

What do you think of when you think of ‘traditional holiday’ style? The average person may say “red, orange and green”. You’re right! The traditional holiday palette is comprised of rich reds, golds, auburn and greens—all earth tones. And around Christmas time? Reds, golds and twinkling lights are clear winners.
Start by selecting the color theme to establish the foundation of your theme. Add mini pumpkins, holiday ornaments, glitters, pine trees or a leafy garland as the table runner centerpiece. Add colorful glasses (red glasses work beautifully) to add the pop your traditional holiday table needs. The more color, the better!
Whether real or battery-operated, include various sizes of candles to adorn your plates as you dine amongst the soft glow of the flickering light. Different levels of illumination truly set the holiday mood as you embark upon your festive holidays with loved ones. And the final touch? A decorative napkin ring that captures the joyous occasion.
Whether you opt for the traditional route or the new modern craze of the farmhouse trend, these holiday table setting tips will keep your guests talking. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a visual meal as you enjoy your holiday meal together.
Stay safe and happy holidays!

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