Before & After Case Study | Power of Staging

Before & After Case Study | Power of Staging
The last year has seen wild twists and turns in the real estate industry. Rates dropped to historic lows, and housing prices jumped to historic highs. Nothing was off the table, including:
  • Bidding wars
  • Waiving all inspections
  • All-cash offer
  • And more
Revamping and staging properties is a sure-fire way to increase the sales price of any property. You will be guaranteed to receive way over the asking price as is—especially after the property is upgraded.
Here is a real estate staging story that is surely one for the books:

What is House Staging?

House staging is a modern way of prepping a home that is not lived in for sale. Staging provides the aesthetic appeal and visual aspects of what a home could be.
The National Association of Realtors revealed that a whopping 82% of buyers’ agents stated staging homes made it easier for buyers to visualize purchasing the home. This in turn garners more interest, and therefore, the price of the sale tends to increase due to the high demand for the property.

Before and After on 171 Alpine Terrace

Let’s take a stroll through this diamond in the rough home located in Buena Vista – Ashbury Heights. This beautiful home definitely lacked the modern, upgraded appeal most homes have on the market today. However, it boasts an incredible foundation to work with.
In order to breathe fresh life into this home, the seller’s hired the staging company, Design Milagros who put their artistic visions and creativity to work. The simple updates made a huge impression. Something as simple as changing the wall color to add a quick pop of color and extra interest goes a long way.
First stepping into the kitchen, it was apparent it badly needed an upgrade. After the masterminds at Design Milagros got their hands on it, it is now the favorite room in the home—an absolute showstopper. All kitchen cabinets were painted a stark white with contrasting gold hardware that creates a clean, open feel—perfect for entertaining. Brand new countertops and removing the old dark backsplash brought the modern feel.
The outdated bathroom was transformed into a bright and airy concept that boasts two sinks and multiple mirrors versus just one lone mirror and vanity. The glass-enclosed shower and adjoined open tub are welcoming after a long, hard day. The large-scale tile was overlayed on the original tile, which completely transformed the space to appear wider.
Family/Dining Room Combo
The open concept family room and dining room area are situated by large, oversized windows with a stunning view of the __________. This layout of couches, chairs, and dining table set perfectly encapsulates the best use of space for multiple living areas. Nicely spaced apart and beautifully tailored, the gorgeous furniture and décor best reflect a contemporary look.
Formal Living Room
The formal living room offers a brick fireplace that draws attention to the room’s natural and alluring glow. The creamy light chairs centered around the warmth of the fireplace create a cozy, welcoming feel. The style evokes both invigorating greens and warm golds—perfect for this sitting area.


The bedroom features a bed centered on the wall and is enclosed by beautiful wooden nightstands with black trim. Art and mirrors are flawlessly placed to make the room appear larger and more inviting. The matching throw rug placed under the bed provides a point of center that greatly increases the appeal and polished look of the bedroom.
Light Fixtures/Door Hardware
Light fixtures and doors’ hardware were replaced throughout the home, instantly giving it a refined atmosphere. Floors were sanded and polished to finished elegance. Low-pile contemporary-style carpeting adorns multiple rooms, creating a luscious place to relax.

Selling Price Was HOW MUCH Over Asking Price!?

None of this could be possible without the hard work, dedication, and discipline of Polaris Realty’ incredible team. Every listing we touch becomes our new priority as we peel off the layers of yesteryear, and evoke a modern, contemporary feel that leads to potential buyers lining up at the front door.
171 Alpine Terrace was sold for a whopping $1 MILLION OVER the original asking price. THAT is the power of design and staging. Each project must be handled individually and be customized to best reflect the wishes of the sellers and catch the eyes of potential buyers.
We pride ourselves in our unique ability to take a blank canvas and create a flawless work of art. Properties do not merely sell themselves—the house staging does! If the buyer cannot visualize an inhabited home, they may not have the creative skill set to envision all that the property could be.
Design Milagros Incorporated is fully insured and licensed. Design Milagros and Polaris Realty work in conjunction with one another to provide the highest point of sale for your property!

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